QD Syringe Systems®

The Next Generation of Low Dead Space Disposable Syringes

QD Syringe | QD Low Dead Space Syringes vs Traditional Basic Syringes

The QD Syringe is the next generation of disposable syringes which are designed for greater safety and efficiency.  The patented QD Syringe with its one-piece glyflo tip is a ready to use draw syringe that reduces liabilities, hazardous waste, additional inventory and eliminates vial-caused needle dulling for sharper and less painful patient injections. The patented design of the QD Syringe includes several innovative concepts that also help make it one of the most versatile syringe products available.

The QD Hub and needle mates perfectly with the internal glyflo tip creating a low residual volume injection. The QD Syringe is compatible with existing luer lock hubs for seamless pre-slit injection receptacle injections and QD hubs are available up to 20+ needle gauge sizes.

The QD Syringe opens the door for detachable QD Nano needles for less painful injections. The QD Syringe hubs with needles are designed to be used in one single insertion action allowing our engineering team at QD Syringe Systems to create the most thin walled super sharp needles possible.




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