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Adhesive Syringe Tape - Medical Needle Labeling
Posted by sleepyguy in Prescription Sleep Medicine on September 19th, 2009

There’s no denying that every hospital and medical facility is concerned about safety, and when adhesive syringe tape is utilized properly the mistakes that so often lead to patient harm or even death can be prevented. Reducing the risk of error when distributing medication is a priority, and with the use of colored syringe tape that reduction is amplified.

Hypodermic needles, most commonly used with a syringe, are a medical necessity within the industry. One of their most frequent purposes is to inject a patient with drugs which serve a beneficial purpose. Inserting the needle into the bloodstream is for prompt delivery of certain substances - a procedure that applies to many situations.

The injection of various narcotics, relaxants, and tranquilizers has the potential to be dangerous, especially if the staff isn’t perfectly clear as to what medicine they are injecting. Sometimes needles are moved from room to room, which can greatly contribute to confusion. Nurses shouldn’t have to deal with uncertainty, nor should patients have to worry about the risk.

Medical syringe tape adheres strongly to the syringe, and tends to have smudge proof surfaces that allow for comprehensible writing. Easily readable syringe tape improves patient safety and increases efficiency by hindering the time personnel might spend trying to figure out what labeling method to use. If so desired, most tape can be removed and discarded after injection. There is a straightforward identification system that greatly decreases staff errors when using the syringes. Each piece of tape names the drug in bold letters and provides space for additional handwritten information. The color-coded system is designed to eliminate medication mistakes by clarifying what drug is in each syringe.

In addition to basic labeling of syringes, there is ASTM compliant syringe tape that fulfills the required standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. This class of syringe tape includes places to fill out the date and time of the injection, as well as the initials of the personnel that did the procedure.

Implementing adhesive syringe tape is the most important step a hospital or medical facility can take to assist in the eradication of labeling related mistakes. The danger of injecting a patient with the wrong medication has been lessened, and improved labeling means worrying less - it means safety.

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