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High dead space syringes and needles - A new study finds that high dead-space syringes, characterized by a detachable needle, are especially wasteful. Researchers determined that the median cost of wastage for self-injectable drugs delivered through high dead space syringes was $5.43 per single dose and $1,637.91 annually. By comparison, wastage from medication dispensed through low dead-space syringes was significantly less at a median $0.54 and $124.52, respectively. Replacing high dead space syringes with low dead space syringes, which have a permanently attached or integrated needle and/or a conical plunger to shrink dead space in the needle hub, is seen a one way to avoid preventable medication waste.

Written by: JAMA Internal Medicine (06/06/16)
Oramasionwu, Christine U.; Cole, Ashley L.; Dixon, Matthew S.; et al.


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