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QD Syringes are Superior to ALL Detachable Draw Needles


There are BILLIONS of detachable draw needles floating around hospitals, being lodged in and under patients while lying in their beds and being thrown away in house keeping trash bags, the steel draw needles are also being used to deliver intramuscular medication to patients, which can cause sever damage to muscle tissue. The 1" to 1.5" steel non-coring draw needles are the most frequently misused this way. The risk associated with these draw needles are unimaginable.

The QD Syringe eliminates ALL draw needles, makes the basic luer lock syringe functional right out if its package (with no need to search for a draw needle) and the only hub with sharp needle is the one slipped over the QD GlyFlo tip which ultimately delivers the dose to the patient, which happens to be the sharpest/less painful injection ever given.

Detachable draw needles are dangerous, wasteful and a high liability risk product. There is a solution. The QD Syringe fully functional one piece syringe. A New Syringe Designed for greater Dose Control ~ The patented design of the QD Syringe includes several innovative concepts that also help make it one of the most versatile low dead space syringe products available. The QD Syringe consists of a patented cone tip with GlyFlo™ Technology designed as a ready to use draw down needle, eliminating time, needle dulling, hazardous waste and additional inventory. The QD Syringe has unique patented bilateral fluid flow channels for easy draw and removal of ALL medication from vials and delivery of viscous liquids. The low dead space QD Syringe is compatible with existing Luer Lock Hubs and has a low dead space mating needle Hub available for up to 20 needle gauge sizes.

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Comment by Christopher Green on November 21, 2016 at 10:55am
I have seen nurses give patient injections with draw needles. Draw needles should only be used to draw fluid into the standard syringe then removed and replaced with the appropriate injection needle. Detachable draw needles are a high liability risk. Hospitals must purchase syringes that are designed with low dead space to reduce medication waste, are safe and simple use. #Syringes #LowDeadSpaceSyringes - www.QDSyringe.com


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