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QD Syringe Systems Readying Launch of Newly Designed Syringe

QD Syringe Systems, LLC. is readying to launch a redesigned fully functional basic syringe, the Quick Draw Syringe. The…


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Syringes are a Surprising Source of Wasted Medication

Syringes are a surprising source of wasted medication

Better syringe design can save thousands of dollars per year

(Chapel Hill, N.C., June 6) – When medicine is injected, a little bit of it stays behind in the syringe. It’s not much, but depending on syringe design and the cost of the drug, this waste — or dead space — can…


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QD Syringe | The Low Dead Space QD Syringe and QD Needle Hub System

QD Syringes are the next generation of basic disposable plastic syringes with detachable injection hubs with needles. The QD Syringe does not need a detachable draw needle to draw fluid inside of its barrel. The QD Syringe has an integrated poly-carbonate tip with Gly Flo Technology to accomplish this task. The QD Syringe is a low dead space syringe and has the sharpest…


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QD Syringe | QD Syringe Systems | Low Dead Space Syringe

A New Syringe Designed for greater Dose Control ~ The patented design of the QD Syringe includes several innovative concepts that also help make it one of the most versatile syringe products available. The QD Syringe consists of a patented cone tip with GlyFlo™ Technology designed as a ready to use draw down needle,…


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