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Is There a Definite Pre-Filled Syringe Solution? Maybe not.

This image shows what a sharp needle looks like after it is used just once then after being used six times. The BEST practice is to only use the sharp sterile steel needle ONE TIME (as intended by it's manufacturers)...and that is when it is entering a PATIENT. That will ensure that the patient is being injected with the sharpest, most painless, sterile needle possible. It…


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Dangerous Pre-Filled Syringe ~ Is It Time To Pause And Reflect?

Pre-Filled Syringe Safety Concerns

ISMP can envision other problems not mentioned in response to the survey when using prefilled cartridges as vials. Nurses may want to dilute small volumes of IV push medications to aid slow administration, or they may want to dilute doses of IV…


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The Pre-Filled Syringe ~ A Dangerous Alternative?

Nurses reported concerns associated with using the cartridges as vials. These nurses expressed concern about potential SAFETY ISSUES with this practice, including:

  • Risk of contamination after entry into a medication cartridge not intended for puncture as a vial

  • Risk of contamination when using single-use cartridges as multidose…


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