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Importance of Safety Syringes to Prevent Needle Sticks

Importance of Safety Syringes to Prevent Needle Sticks

Accidental needle sticks are a hazard in the health care industry, and it is important for the operators of medical facilities to use all the resources at their disposal to prevent these accidents from taking place. The fallout from even a single needle stick incident can be far reaching and quite serious for both the employee and the employer.

Why Use Safety Syringes

1. With so many serious diseases spread by blood and body fluids it has never been more important to protect health care workers. Safety syringes are designed to provide that protection. The unique design of safety syringes means that workers will be protected from accidental needle sticks, and that can help prevent the spread of blood borne illnesses.

Safety syringes are designed to prevent accidental needle sticks by placing the clinician's hands behind the needle. With the hands safely behind the needle the clinician can then give the injection and by pulling the plunger back. When the plunger is pulled back the needle retracts into the syringe. Once the needle is in the syringe, the plunger is snapped off and the used syringe can be disposed of safely.

Protecting Health Care Workers Protects the Public

2. Health care workers are the front line of protection for society at large, and that means that keeping those workers safe from harm protects the public as well as the health care provider. If doctors, nurses and other health care workers are exposed to illness through accidental needle sticks that puts their patients at risk as well. Whether the disease is life threatening, as in the case of HIV and hepatitis, or not it is important to keep both health care workers and the public at large protected.

Safety Syringes Protect Heatlh Care Companies

3. Using safety syringes also protects the health care companies themselves. Worker safety is an important consideration for all kinds of businesses, including health care providers. Failing to provide the proper protection for workers puts the business at risk of lawsuits, government fines and other penalties, and it is vital for all companies to protect their workers from preventable accidents like needle sticks.

By using safety syringes health care providers can protect their workers from harm while protecting themselves against potential lawsuits. The cost of safety syringes is a small price to pay for the protection of those vital front line health care workers.



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