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There are four types of syringes currently used around the globe. The first two categories are cheaper but less safe. The two newer and safer devices are more expensive. Simpler disposable syringes cost on average 12 to 15 cents less than devices that prevent reuse and needle stick injuries. In industrialized countries, the injection systems are firmly established and well resourced, with the most advanced syringes broadly available. The vast majority of developing countries cannot afford the most recent technologies.

Group One: Reuse Prevention Feature

• Auto-disable (AD) syringes are designed to prevent reuse by patients and health care workers. After being utilized once, the syringes are put out of action due to an internal mechanism which blocks the plunger once it is fully pressed.

• Breaking Plunger syringes contain the same purpose and a similar functioning as the AD syringes. Once the plunger is fully pressed, an internal mechanism cracks it completely, impeding any possibility of reuse.

Group Two: Reuse and Needle Stick Prevention Features

• Needle Stick Prevention syringes, apart from having a mechanism to avoid reuse, also protect health care workers and patients from needle related injuries and infections. The syringes contain a shield, made either of paperboard or plastic, which covers the needle creating a protective cap.

• Retractable syringes, apart from preventing reuse and needle sticks, also avoid hazardous sharps waste. After being used, the needle is pulled back inside the syringe barrel upon retraction of the plunger.

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