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The QD Syringe Reconstructs The Standard Syringe

Basic Syringe Definition:

"A syringe is a simple piston pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly in a tube. The plunger can be pulled and pushed along inside a cylindrical tube (the barrel), allowing the syringe to take in and expel a liquid or gas through an orifice at the open end of the tube. The open end of the syringe may be fitted with a hypodermic needle, a nozzle, or tubing to help direct the flow into and out of the barrel. Syringes are often used to administer injections, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measure liquids." - Wikipedia

The problem:

The basic syringe design has not changed in over 60 years.

The problem with the common "basic syringe" is that its main function (other than the plunger drawing fluid in or pushing fluid out of the syringe cylinder) is to allow other products to thread on to its syringe cylinder for any functionality to take place. This 1950's basic syringe is merely a potential cylinder to hold and deliver fluid and its distal tubular hollow projection (tip) that we know today acts only as a receiver of external luer products which then allows functionality to take place. This 1950's basic syringe that we still use today is completely dependent on an external product to complete a given task. This basic syringe needs to mate with an adapter such as a hub with a threaded blunt or steel needle to mate with to accomplish its cylinder filling, expelling potential or any given task. The basic syringe that we know today has no other claimed functionality except for its plunger located inside its cylinder which pulls or pushes fluid in or out of its distal tip.

The solution:

The QD Syringe reconstructs the basic stand alone syringe and actually gives it true functionality. The QD Syringe redesigned the basic syringe by elongating the inner lumen creating an integrated polycarbonate draw tip and plunger with a extended nipple tip to eliminate the void space inside the distal end of the syringe. After drawing down the medication from a vial, the redesigned hub wraps around the draw tip in a low dead space relationship and a less painful injection is given. By using the new functional QD syringe medical personnel will be safer at work (no need for detachable sharp draw needles), purchasing departments will enjoy a substantial reduction in operating cost, decrease risk (no detachable draw needles and eliminating the risk of patients receiving draw needle injections). And the QD Syringe with its low dead space design reduces medication waste to just 18 microliters per injection (standard syringes have up to 90 microliters of wasted dead space. The QD Syringe has just 18 microliters of residual volume per injection).

For Licensing information contact:

Christopher Green at Chris@QDSS.us




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